WWF reports two-thirds of world’s wildlife could be extinct by 2020

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HOUSTON — Wildlife? More like wild death! An alarming new report from the World Wildlife Fund says animal populations on earth are plummeting. And we're to blame.

The WWF's Living Planet Report found a 58 percent drop in all wild animal populations from 1970 to 2012. The group is also forecasting two-thirds of the world's wildlife could be gone by 2020. Doesn't sound like earth is an animal planet after all!

Animal conservationists claim humans are much to blame for this mass extinction. According to WWF's research, people are pushing animals away from their natural habitats. Our over exploitation of resources, pollution and climate change also contribute to the animal carnage.

Sounds pretty bleak. But the report goes on to say if people find a way to balance our wants with animal needs, we might just stop this wildlife demise. Let's hope we overcome this beast of a challenge for all of our sake.

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