YouTube star catching flack for filming and posting a ‘fake acid attack’




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LONDON, England — A London YouTuber is catching a lot of flack for filming a prank ‘acid attack.’

The 22-year-old appears to hurl water at his unsuspecting victims, which is bad enough when you consider they probably weren’t planning on getting drenched.

But over the past year, London has experienced many real acid attacks, and the fear of being hit with actual acid is real.

Yet, on social media many fake acid attacks seem to be on the rise.

Posting a video of innocent people getting doused with water or juice seems to be a real thrill for these punks.

But victims of real acid attacks aren’t laughing.

One woman who was out celebrating her 21st birthday last summer was instead burned with acid!

After seeing the recent fake acid prank video, she reportedly directed a statement to the prankster saying “You will thankfully never experience what it feels like to have your skin melt away, but I tell you now it is agonizing and is not funny.”

Still, some question whether this acid prankster really pulled the prank on the public, or if the whole thing wasn’t staged to begin with?

Either way, some pranks just aren’t funny and can really cross the line.

In this case, looks like this guy’s sense of humor could use a real ‘acid wash!’



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