Near-tragedy spurs local family to open swim training center

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SUGAR LAND- A passion for teaching paired with a nearly tragic situation around a pool spurred a local family towards a new business venture.

Mehdi and Angela Balouchestani are opening Swim Labs Swim School in Sugar Land.

“Our whole concept is allowing the kids to learn by seeing themselves. Our pools have mirrors at the bottom and we have cameras,” explained Angela.

Swim Labs is an indoor facility with three warm water tanks that have video equipment so students can track their progress.

“When the kid swims, then the coach can stop them and say, ‘Hey, look at yourself on the screen’ and they can tweak the different strokes and make corrections,” Angela said.

It’s high tech and the Balouchestanis, who have both been educators for years,  say its an effective way to learn this life skill.

They made it a priority a few years back after their young son Kian fell into a pool.

“I jumped in the water and just grabbed him and brought him up. He was crying. Just a few seconds later and I wouldn’t have him right now. It happened so quickly,” explained Mehdi.

Angela says it was clearer than ever how important it is to be safe around the pool.

“After that, we were like ‘We are going in swim lessons,'” Angela said. “Not every kid needs to be a competitive swimmer, but they all need to learn how to swim.”

Kian is 7 now. He’s confident and loves being in the water, which is what the Balouchestanis want for everyone.

“I’m happy the day a kid comes here and learns something new,” said Mehdi.

Swim Labs officially opens June 15. They’re located by DSW in the Sugar Land Town Center.

Lessons are offered for adults and children as young as six months. There are grand opening discounts available through the end of June.





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