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HOUSTON (KIAH)  – The Houston Parks and Recreation Department broke ground Thursday at 10 a.m. at a ceremony for a new playground at T.C. Jester Park, located at 4201 T.C. Jester Boulevard West. The project will redevelop and enlarge the playground with state-of-the-art playground equipment selected to promote cognitive, emotional, physical, and social development. 

The Parks and Recreation Department is excited to begin work to upgrade the playground at T.C. Jester Park.  We expect this playground with its cognitive, social, physical, and emotional benefits to become a hit with Houstonians, and become a model for playground construction for the nation.  We thank Braxton Davies Reed Foundation and all of our partners for helping to make it a reality.

Kenneth Allen, Director, Houston Parks and Recreation Department

The playground will include playground units for various age groups, swing sets, climbers, freestanding play components, and a boulder water play element.  It also includes sidewalk upgrades, decorative fencing, and new picnic tables, benches, drinking fountain, and trash receptacles. 

New T.C. Jester playground cost

The project cost $1,023,870 and was funded by the Parks Consolidation Construction Fund, the Parks and Recreation Department Dedication Fund, Contributed Capital Project Fund, and a grant from the Braxton Davies Reed Foundation.

We’re so excited to have even more innovative and family-friendly spaces in our parks.  With the help of partners, Houston Parks Department, and use of council district service funds, we’re bringing a new type of play to the district and our city that focuses on cognitive, emotional, physical, and social development.

Council Member Abbie Kamin

About T.C. Jester Park

Former City Council Member Ellen Cohen also helped fund the project with her council district service funds.  T.C. Jester Park sits on 100-acres in District C, represented by City Council Member Abbie Kamin.  It was acquired by the City of Houston in 1950.  For more information about the Houston Parks and Recreation Department, visit