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DALLAS (KDAF)—When you’re looking for love, it’s not about your looks, ugly or not, something else may be more important. Even if you are short or bald! discover many singles care more about their personality than a person looks. According to the company, baldness and short stature are now the preferred traits when it comes to finding a partner.

The survey results have been released by, which is owned by Social Discovery Group and runs over 40 dating sites.

“It’s the season of the bald, short king,” said Maria Sullivan, Dating Expert and Vice President of “On a more serious note, many daters are still solving for the loneliness they experienced in lockdown or isolation from their peers. For these singles, traditionally attractive physical attributes have given way to endearing and supportive characteristics that make them feel seen and heard.”

The study found over 63% of singles reported that positive personality traits are more important than attractive physical qualities in a potential partner.

Sullivan also provided some advice for those singles still looking:

  • Be open-minded
  • Don’t let anyone else’s opinions affect your dating choices. 
  • Look beyond the superficial level
  • Date someone who lets you be you.