Saving Money When Washing Dishes And Cleaning Your Clothes


HOUSTON (CW39) Keeping an eye out on how you spend your money is now more important than ever. Any cost cutting ideas are essential to maintain a good budget. Turns out, you can save in a big way, inside your own home, when you wash your dishes and clean your clothes.

Do you know which saves you more, washing dishes by hand or using your dishwasher? What about washing your clothes and drying them? How can you save money and energy at the same time? CW39 Anchor Sharron Melton talks again with Kerry Sherin with Ownerly. She has some fantastic ways to put money back in your pocket and energy. Check out these great tips below!

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Tips for Saving While Washing/Drying Dishes

Tips for Saving While Cleaning/Drying Your Clothes


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