Showboat Drive-In manager fatally shoots attempted robbery suspect, deputies say

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Harris County deputies respond to fatal robbery attempt at drive-in movie theater in Hockley, Texas.

HOCKLEY, Texas — One suspect is dead and another is on the run Monday morning after the men tried to rob employees at a drive-in movie theater in Hockley, Texas, according to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies and local firefighters responded to the the Showboat Drive-In at 22422 FM 2920 around 2:30 a.m. after reports of a shooting. Sheriff Ed Gonzalez tweeted the suspects tried to rob the theater as an employee and the night-side manager were closing up shop. Investigators believe the suspects were at the theater and waited for closing at 2 a.m. before making their alleged attempt.

“While they were upstairs alone, they heard some rummaging or something going on downstairs,” Gonzalez said. “They came down and immediately found one male that was apparently hiding, possibly in the closet, some type of utility closet.”

Investigators said the employees asked the first suspect, who was possibly armed with a knife, to step out of the closet and he did. The man quickly ran away without confronting the employees. He left on foot, but Gonzalez said it’s possible there was a car waiting for him.

Sheriffs said employees were then confronted by a second suspect who was partially masked, wearing gloves and armed with a bat.

“It’s possible he had been in the closet or possibly a back restroom,” Gonzalez said.

Deputies said the manager claims the suspect attacked her with the bat, forcing her to draw her pistol and fire. The suspect was hit at least once. Investigators confirmed he died at the scene.

“These folks are just trying to run a business out here— brings up nostalgia from here, I remember coming to a drive-in theater similar to this when I was growing up,” Gonzalez said. “It’s pretty isolated out here, so they did what they needed to to protect themselves.”


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