Small Business Weathering Pandemic By Selling Customized Wigs On-Line


For Britney Winters, having to close her hair salon, was at first nerve racking. As Owner of “Upgrade Boutique”, like so many, she was concerned how this would effect her business in the long run.

Then, she came up with an idea. She has a website that she wasn’t using. So she took her entire business on-line. And with her social media in hand, she started selling customized wigs for every hair texture.

Not only have her Wigs helped numerous stylists get work, but provided a service to help people who don’t want to do their own hair, maintain social distancing, and still look amazing during this pandemic.

CW 39 Anchor Sharron Melton talked with her in this series about Wigs during a Pandemic, how to overcome the Fear of wearing a Wig, and also giving advice to other small businesses and helping first responders.

First, the plus of using a Wig during a Pandemic

Second, Fear shouldn’t stop you from wearing a Wig

Third, She has Advice for Other Small Businesses trying to survive during the Pandemic.

Finally, Giving Back is also important to people in need, during hard times.

For More information on how to get your own wig, go to or “Upgrade Boutique” on Instagram.

Photo Courtesy of Upgrade Boutique.

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