HOUSTON (KIAH) Lots of pets just seem to know when they’re headed to the vet — and they hate it.

That’s why GeoVet Animal Services is bringing veterinary care to homes in the southeast part of the Houston-area.

“If it’s not a surgery or something that needs to be done on the truck — if it’s a vaccination or something simple or small that we can do — then we will go into a home if a dog has anxiety or any type of behavior problems where he doesn’t want to come on the mobile unit,” GeoVet founder and CEO Terrance Bell said.

GeoVet held its grand opening a couple of weeks ago, but that was just the beginning of booking appointments. Ideally, treatments will happen inside the mobile unit that’s equipped with an x-ray, a surgical suite, and a scale built right in the floor among other equipment. Their mobile vet unit staffed with two or three veterinarians and vet technicians will actually start making house calls next Wednesday. The small, minority-owned business, wants to provide quality pet care conveniently for pet owners.

“There’s not a bunch of us out there,” Bell said of the prevalence of mobile vet units versus physical vet clinics. “There’s a lot of brick and mortars but not mobile vets. It’s something that’s new, but it’s the future. It’s the future of veterinary medicine.”

GeoVet offers a variety of services including vaccinations, dental care, spaying and neutering, and other surgeries. Based out of League City, their mobile vet unit will cover a large area — from Pasadena down to Galveston. Currently, they’re not treating pet emergencies, but that service and expanding the business are possibly in the works.

“We’re going to get this one off the ground and get it going,” Bell said of his first mobile vet unit. “Hopefully within, I’d say a year, we will expand. Based on what we’re getting now — the calls and people that are trying to get scheduled — it’s looking like we’re going to have to go to another truck pretty soon, because we’re getting a lot of calls.”