27th Annual Space Exploration Educators Conference Is Flying High Starting Thursday

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Space Center Houston

HOUSTON (CW39) Houston has always been at the forefront of space education and exploration. That Mission continues this week, to continue to share that knowledge with educators. The 27th Annual Space Exploration Educators Conference takes place Feb. 4-6. Hosted by Space Center Houston and supported by Intel, this conference is all about empowering educators with extraordinary science learning experiences.

The immersive educators conference is 100 percent Virtual, connecting educators from around the world, to the future of space exploration. Educators will hear from astronauts, scientists and engineers working on exciting endeavors like the International Space Station, explorations of Mars and the planets beyond. The virtual conference provides educators flexible virtual learning experiences with sessions led by industry experts, virtual tours, new virtual networking lounges and access to yearlong on-demand content and tours.

Space Center Houston

“It is now more important than ever to support our educators during this unique time,” said Daniel Newmyer, Vice President of Education at Space Center Houston. “Thanks to the generous support of our sponsor Intel, we’re empowering educators with exceptional access to science learning experiences. With support from the Albert and Ethel Herzstein Charitable Foundation, Intel, and Tranquility Foundation, hundreds of educators will receive scholarships to attend the conference, allowing the nonprofit to provide tools and resources to educators around the world. The nonprofit had continues to innovate during the pandemic, to bring access to science learning, and Intels support enables the nonprofit to offer educators the flexibility to access SEEC’s educational content for one year through this years enhanced digital platform.”

Brian Gonzalez, senior director, Global Partnerships and Initiatives, Governments, Markets and Trade Group at Intel explains why Intel is involved.. “Earlier this year, we pledged $50 million with our Pandemic Response Technology Initiative, to support high impact programs like this helping educators energize their students at this critical time. COVID-19 has exacerbated the technology and educational inequities in communities of need. It is critical that we come together to ensure that students have access to a meaningful virtual learning experience,”.

Space Center Houston

There will be a number of virtual speakers and activities for participants to enjoy. You can here from Noble Prize-winning physicist and senior project scientist for the James Webb Telescope, Dr. John Mather, who will present a keynote address on the history of the universe. Teacher-turned-astronaut Joe Acaba, author Andy Weir, retired astronaut Cady Coleman and Intel Corporations Chief Data Scientist Melvin B. Greer will serve as keynote speakers at this years conference.

Educators will also hear from experts from the International Space Station National Laboratory, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and NASA’s Artemis Program to learn about research aboard the Space Station, our solar system and future missions to the Moon and Mars. SEEC’s sessions will also provide educators access to resources on how to build 3D Rovers, explore how astronauts train underwater to prepare for spacewalks at the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory and how to build their own miniature neutral buoyancy chamber for the classroom.

Space Center Houston

The science and space exploration learning center offers educators of all disciplines from kindergarten through 12th grade will have a three-day virtual learning experience based in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). The Space Exploration Educators Conference equips educators with innovative lesson ideas to take back to the classroom. Educators will participate in curated sessions from educators and NASA experts and interact with other global teachers to learn and grow together; network in new virtual lounges to make valuable connections; explore Space Center Houston iconic exhibits including the new SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket; Independence Plaza with the historic shuttle carrier aircraft; Apollo Mission Control Center and more.

Dedicated to empowering educators with a multitude of cross-curriculum ideas and ready-to-implement classroom activities, SEEC provides educators with the latest teaching tools and interprets what`s happening now in science and human space exploration. Attendees can earn up to 24 hours of continuing education credit, and one will be awarded the Cherri Brinley Outstanding Educator Award, named in honor of the 14-year SEEC veteran. A Houston-area educator, Brinley motivated fellow educators and students to pursue space exploration learning, even throughout her battle with terminal cancer.

Register today for the 27th Space Exploration Educators Conference by visiting the Space Center Houston Link .

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