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HOUSTON (KIAH)Homer Hickam is more than just a New York Times best selling author. He’s more than just a former NASA Engineer. The writer of “Rocket Boys”, a memoir of his own early life, is one person who has stories to tell. That’s why when he wrote his follow-up to his hit novel, he wanted to do it his way.

Hickam’s new book “Don’t Blow Yourself Up”, is the long awaited part two of what happened to the “Rocket Boys” in his first book. That first book became a move called “October Sky” in 1999, which talked about how he was born and raised in the a coal mining community in West Virginia. But instead of following in the footsteps of his father and others in the community, Homer Hickam blazed a trail that took him around the world and beyond.

CW39’s Sharron Melton talks with Hickam about why he continues to write and encourages others to do the same. Then go to his website to order the book yourself!