Landsat 9 Satellite launch is a SUCCESS and one scientist says it means a lot for studying earth and more

Space Exploration

NASA Landsat 9

HOUSTONTexas (KIAH) It’s what 50 years of hard work has led up to. Another successful launch of a Landsat satellite, this time for Landsat 9! It happened on Monday, and its impact is not just positive for the scientific community but for everyone here on Earth.

NASA/GSFC Senior Support Scientist Dr. Elizabeth Hoy tells CW39 Morning Anchor Sharron Melton that this is a big game changer when it comes to studying Hurricanes and Wildfire’s too. The imagery alone will make a huge impact on what can be seen inside of a storm or fire in real time, like it’s never been seen before.

UPDATE: Hear how Landsat 9 will also impact our study of Hurricanes and Wildfires below!

Since it was first created in 1972, the Landsat program has been the the only U.S. satellite system designed and operated to repeatedly observe the land surface of planet Earth, at a moderate scale. It also shows both the changes being made by nature and humans on the surface.

CW39 Morning Anchor Sharron Melton also talked with NASA/GSFC Senior Support Scientist Dr. Elizabeth Hoy about what it means to have another satellite studying the planet and how it is beneficial for everyone who enjoys images of the world.

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