NASA SLS Rocket: The game changer now certified for the Artemis Program and will take NASA back to the Moon

Space Exploration

HOUSTON (CW39) NASA making history once again. The new SLS Rocket is the largest ever built in the world, and has been in the works for over a decade. As each test fire took place, the anticipation continued to rise. Is the answer to getting back to the Moon with this powerful rocket? Well it’s final Green Fire Test solidly confirmed that… YES…. that is the case!

In Part One, you learn what it was like the day of the final Green Light Fire Test for the Rocket.

But, what does it take to engineer such a powerful piece of machinery? CW39 Anchor Sharron Melton contacted NASA to find out. Sharron talks with Sharon Cobb. She holds the Senior Executive Service position of associate program manager for the Space Launch System Program Office at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center. She assists with the overall programmatic and technical planning, coordination, management, and integration of activities.

In Part Two, hear the minute by minute steps it took to create the final test.

In this four part series, you’ll hear about the work it took to create this incredible rocket, and how it will be used in the Artemis Program that will get NASA back to the Moon.

In Part three, learn how technology from the past helped to created this new technology.

And finally, Part four, learn what this means for NASA and the World.

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