NASA’s NICER Telescope: Eyes on top of the International Space Station studying Neutron Stars

Space Exploration

NASA “NICER” Telescope on top of International Space Station

HOUSTON (CW39) Each day NASA and its partners learn something new and exciting about what’s happening in outer space. Whether it’s new discoveries on Mars with the Rover Perseverance and Helicopter Ingenuity, to the Osiris Rex Mission returning back to earth, after years of study and sample collection on asteroid Bennu. These are just a few of the new and exciting ventures NASA has underway. But, studying further and further into outer space is a goal that continues too, especially when it comes to the stars. Neutron Stars to be exact.

CW39 Anchor Sharron Melton talks with Paul Ray, an Astrophysicist with the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory. He explains how a NASA Telescope called NICER, on top of the International Space Station, is taking research on Neutron Stars to a whole new level, and already helping us understand even more about our universe.

For more information, check out the NASA’S “NICER” Telescope Website.

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