STUDY: Top 10 Most-Secure Profession in the U.S.


HOUSTON(CW39) –  Unemployment rates reached an historic peak in April 2020 and now nearly 1 in 4 Americans are considering quitting their jobs.  With Texas’s unemployment rate at 6.5%, a team with USDirect Business gathered data to find most secure professions across the country. 

To find the most secure professions USDirect Business first gathered data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and looked at the percentage increase or decrease in unemployment rate for every profession category from March 2020 to March 2021. 

The 10 most secure professions in America

Courtesy of USDirect

Mathematical and Computer professionals, like web administrators and blockchain engineers saw the most job security over the last year with a 21% decrease in unemployment. 

Agricultural positions such as first-line supervisors and animal breeders were the second most secure jobs over the pandemic.  Unemployment in this industry decreased by over 10%.  Finishing to top 5 is social science, educational, and social service industries. 

Key findings

The study also found key stats when it comes to professions security for men and women.  For women in the farming, fishing and forestry, occupations saw an unemployment rate decrease of 47%.  Out of the top 10 professions women had an average unemployment increase of 10% and men had an average of unemployment increase of 5%. 

Men vs. Women

Women in Construction and Extraction occupations saw a 247% increase in unemployment.

For men, in the same occupations there was only an 11% increase in unemployment. 

Although not in our top 10, men in Healthcare Support Occupations saw a 667% increase in unemployment rate. Meanwhile, women in the same field only saw a 176% increase in unemployment.  For more on this study click this link.

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