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HOUSTON (CW39) – Efficiency is key. That is the biggest lesson learned after spending the day with Dimitry an AC specialist for the Houston area. We have just experienced the warmest week of the year, and as we progress into the summer the mercury will only climb higher. Now is the time to make sure your AC is functioning properly. I asked Dimitry what types of calls he normally sees during this time. 

“Most of the time you have a drain line clogged and we see overflow damage”, Dimitry says. 

You can prevent this by mixing in a little bleach into the drain line every few months to prevent buildup that causes these overflows to occur. As a homeowner Dimitry says that you should change your filter every 90 days.  

“If your filter is dirty, it will restrict your air flow and your system will not be working right”, he adds.  

If your duct is ripped you will cool your attic too and there is no point in doing that, you are just wasting money and energy! If a duct is ripped get it replaced immediately.  

I asked Dimitry, “Warm air rises, do you normally see the upper level of the home remain warmer than the lower level?”.  

He agreed and stated that if you have two different thermostats, you can set the one upstairs a few degrees warmer to save money.  

Now off to the outdoor unit… Where warm air should be getting pumped out.  

“When the system is low on freon or the compressor is not working, you can just put your hand right over it, if the system is blowing cold air something is not right.”, Dimitry says.  

As for these slits in the outdoor unit, keep those clean!     

“If the holes are clogged this will constrict your air and your compressor can overheat”, he adds.  

Dimitry says you can simply just spray it down with a water hose when wanting to clean out the slits.  

How often should you get your unit serviced? 

“Twice a year first time when you start using your AC a lot and the second time when you start using your heat”, he states.  

As a homeowner, to be the most efficient and save some cash, your biggest job is to just keep those filters clean. On average they cost around 30-60 dollars. Price will depend on your unit type and size.