HOUSTON (CW39) Ever hit a device thinking it could help fix it? That’s what the The Fonz from “Happy Days” did on a show in the 70’s and now, Popular Science believes he was on to something when he banged on electronics that went on the fritz for brief moment. Now, experts say there is actual science behind why sometimes the best way to fix your electronics is by SMACKING them.

“Percussive maintenance” is the sophisticated term for shaking, tapping, banging on, or pounding something to make it work.  And it works especially well for products that have batteries or older electronics that have parts that might’ve become slightly out of line.

However, if you’re going to try to fix things this way, tap them, don’t hit them.  Because if you hit something too hard, or you hit a device that’s too fragile like an iPhone, you risk breaking it.

And while percussive maintenance is a temporary fix at best . . . a device is at the “I need to hit this to make it work” stage, and likely needs a professional fix.  Or new batteries.