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HOUSTON — The times are changing, and so is Sam’s Club!

The Walmart-owned retailer is stepping into the future and doing away with checkout lines at its new store in Dallas, according to Forbes. The location is scheduled to open next month and is expected to be cashier-free.

While the concept is in line with digital-focused shopping trends, it’s far from unique. Amazon got the ball rolling first back in 2016 with its Amazon Go stores in the suburbs of Seattle. The chain expanded to Chicago this past September.

Basically, Sam’s Club will be jumping on the bandwagon and adapting the front-runner’s model. Shoppers will use the Sam’s Club Scan & Go app to add products to their receipt as they shop. At the end, customers will be able to pay for their purchases with a single click on their phones.

The store has reportedly installed 700 cameras to monitor inventory and keep customer’s honest. And if you run into trouble, the Sam’s Club Now app includes a voice activated assistant that can give directions to anything inside the store. It’ll also feature electronic shelf labels that can be updated for sales and special events.

Adios, cashiers! Hello, future of shopping.