POLL: Texas Among Top States With Drunken Boating Accidents

US Navy rescues family with sick baby from sailboat

One family vacation cruise ends with a rescue by the Navy and Coast Guard.

Boating and alcohol don’t seem to be restricted to any particular region, with activity spread pretty evenly across the country.

The top 10 states with the most alcohol related boating accidents (causing injury, death, or property damage) per 100k registered watercraft are as follows:

Maryland – 19.37 accidents involving alcohol per 100k registered watercraft
Utah – 19.21
Washington – 16.35
Alabama – 13.08
Texas – 12.62

Arizona – 11.36
Missouri – 11.04
Massachusetts – 10.57
Illinois – 9.36
Florida – 9.08

Results are based on 2019 data that was released just this month from the US Coast Guard’s Boating Safety Division (uscgboating.org) and cross referencing that with Bureau of Transportation Statistics, to find the number of alcohol related accidents per 100k registered watercraft. (2020 data will be released next June).

The map was put together by boating safety site boatsafe.com, again using data from the US Coast Guard and Bureau of Transportation Statistics.

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