Texas company connected to Tesla, Space X Owner Elon Musk hopes to power local residents south of Houston


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Houston(CW39) The City of Angleton, TX, about 40 miles south of Houston, is getting a lot of buzz this week… and all because of batteries. Very, very BIG batteries! The kind of batteries that can power thousands of houses, including yours! Word is now getting out that a company connected to Tesla is building an enormous section of batteries, to plug into the Texas Grid.

Plus Power

According to documents submitted to the City of Angleton, the company called “Plus Power“, located in Spring, TX, is constructing and plans to operate, huge lithium-ion batteries, like these. The documents show the project is called “Gambit Energy Storage Park.” Turns out Gambit Energy Storage LLC is a registered subsidiary of Tesla… owned by Elon Musk, who also owns SpaceX.

Feb. 16, 2021 (Bronte Wittpenn /via AP)

After Texas’ power grid nearly collapsed during the deadly winter freeze in February, the hunt has been on to find ways to make sure it never happens again. Ercot (Electric Reliability Council of Texas) and power providers came under fire, for the extended blackouts. Even Elon Musk himself jumped into the discussion on Twitter, calling out Ercot, like so many others did.

Elon Musk (Twitter)

So, in search of a solution for Texans, the question becomes “could Elon Musk and this new project in Angleton, be one of the ways to save Texas from Future Black Outs?”

The Gambit Energy Storage Park will serve the community by providing the local electric grid with backup energy reserves and help integrate and stabilize new renewable energy resources. This Power Project uses proven, reliable, and safe lithium-ion batteries that are pre-assembled for use in climate-controlled containers with redundant operating and safety systems.

Official “Plus Power” documents

Plus Power

The site is on a vacant plot of land located at the terminus of Heritage Lane or “Murray Ranch Road”.

The project will charge from electricity provided by a connection to the existing 138kV Angleton Substation at W. Locust and N. Walker Street, and discharge electricity onto the electrical grid through the same path into the substation.

Official “Plus Power” documents

Plus Power

The documents go into great detail on how these batteries operate. For example, it discusses how the battery provides energy to Angleton during a black out or natural disaster:

If charged, the battery can help the local electric system come back online by providing energy to ‘jump start’ electric generators in the. This service is called ‘black start’ capability; the battery is able to help the grid come back online after going ‘black’.

Official “Plus Power” documents

Plus Power

The ultimate goal is to create renewable energy resources, and avoid blackouts like last month from every happening again. If you want to learn more about the plan, and more details on the batteries emissions, operation capacity and impact on the community, go to this Angleton City Link.

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