Gov. Abbott says he’ll veto budget item, cut funding for Texas legislative branch

Texas Politics

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Gov. Greg Abbott announced on social media Monday afternoon that he’ll cut out funding for the Texas legislative branch from the state budget after several Republican-backed priorities failed to become law.

Abbott posted a tweet on his personal account that read, “I will veto Article 10 of the budget passed by the legislature. Article 10 funds the legislative branch.”

In a dig to state lawmakers, he wrote, “No pay for those who abandon their responsibilities. Stay tuned.”

The social media post came after Senate Bill 7, the controversial GOP-backed election regulations bill, officially died this legislative session. House Democrats all left the House floor just before 11 p.m. on Sunday, breaking quorum and preventing members from being able to vote on it before the midnight deadline.

State lawmakers began reacting on social media to the governor’s line-item veto threat.

State. Rep. Gene Wu, a Houston Democrat, wrote, “Punishing working class office staff, maintenance, and other support services because he didn’t get every single one of his demands is very on-brand for Texas Republicans.”

In another tweet Sunday, Abbott said SB 7 and HB 20, a bail reform bill, will be added to the agenda of a special session.

“It is deeply disappointing and concerning for Texans that neither will reach my desk. Ensuring the integrity of our elections and reforming a broken bail system remain emergencies in Texas. They will be added to the special session agenda. Legislators will be expected to have worked out the details when they arrive at the Capitol for the special session,” Abbott said.

However, he did not specify when that session would be. He’s previously confirmed a fall special session for redistricting purposes but has pushed back on Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s call for an immediate special session in June.

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