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HOUSTON — This past flu season was one of the worst Texas has seen in years.

According to a new state report, the flu and flu-related pneumonia killed almost 10,000 Texans in 2017, continuing through May of 2018.

“The flu is a pretty tough bug, it’s a virus and it changes slightly from year to year and that’s where we have sometimes difficulties sometimes matching up the vaccine,” said Dr. Brian Reed.

The majority of deaths this season involved the elderly, and only 15 were children.

“It’s pretty tough. It makes a lot of people sick and causes a lot of people death every year,” Reed added.

The Harris County Public Health Center doesn’t know how aggressive the flu will be in the upcoming year, but they recommend people take the necessary precautions and get vaccinated as early as possible.

“Each year we encourage people to take precautions. The number one thing that they can do is get the flu vaccine, second is good hand hygiene — you know washing your hands frequently —  and if you are sick with the flu, stay home so you don’t get other people sick,” suggested Reed.