HOUSTON (CW39) A new documentary about the 2021 Astroworld festival is screening in the Houston area. Double Wave Films along with the Minn/Ramos production team have just released the trailer for “Concert Crush, The Travis Scott Festival Tragedy” playing in selected theaters around Texas.

The documentary is directed by Charlie Minn, who also directed “The Kids of Santa Fe: The Largest Unknown Mass Shooting,” among about two dozen other documentaries.

In the trailer’s opening, a statement reads “On November 5, 2021, the crowd at a concert by rap artist Travis Scott at the Astroworld Music Festival in Houston, TX. began surging toward the stage. Ten people died of asphyxiation, and around 300 others were injured.”

Concert attendees are interviewed recapping their experience at the event. Video from the actual concert in emergency mode is featured throughout the trailer.

“He interacts with the crowd. He gets them excited. He gets them hype. And then – the rage is what draws people in, every single time. The energy wasn’t the same as 2019 and 2018,” concertgoer Ashley Chapa said. “Like of them not having Astroworld because of COVID-19 and everything, the aggression was like 10 times worse,” she added.

Another concert attendee in the trailer points out the lack of security at the event and how unprepared he was for something he never expected to happen.

“You could tell the lack of security. It all seemed chaotic. Like any other teenager whose waited so long for this concert, we didn’t have the mindset of ‘oh, this is gonna go to hell,” concertgoer Jonathon Espinoza said in the trailer.

The documentary is showing now at Showbiz Cinemas starting this afternoon. The first show is at 1:45 p.m. and the last show tonight is at 9 p.m..

The theater showing the documentary is:

Showbiz Kingwood (Houston)
350 Northpark Drive
Kingwood (Houston), TX 77339