DALLAS (KDAF) — It’s all good man! Well, hopefully, that’s what your lawyer will be telling you next time you’re in a sticky civil or, forbid, a criminal situation.

Having a good lawyer in your back pocket is important for a plentiful of reasons whether it be finances, family, criminal, civil, or if you’re out there filing suits, a good lawyer is a must-have. BestLawyers.com has released a comprehensive list of the best lawyers across the country, which includes Dallas, Texas.

The publication says these attorneys are, “The best legal talent in the world, case closed.” Here’s a quick look at some of the best lawyers in the Dallas area from many different practices:

  • Michael V. Abcarian – Employment, Labor & Litigation
  • Matt C. Acosta – Litigation
  • Brad Adatto – Health Care
  • J. Cullen Aderhold – Real Estate
  • Rodolfo R. Agraz – Employment
  • Charla G. Aldous – Medical, Personal Injury, Product Liability
  • Steve Aldous – Personal Injury
  • Sherri T. Alexander – Commercial, Health Care
  • David B. Allen – Securities Regulation
  • Vincent J. Allen – Patent, Intellectual Property
  • P. Bradley Altman – Personal Injury
  • William K. Altman – Personal Injury
  • Katherine Anand – Commercial
  • Jeffery O. Anderson – Family Law
  • Mark Anderson – Personal Injury
  • Cindy K. Ansbach – Immigration

These are just a few of the top lawyers in the Dallas area; BestLawyers.com has a massive list and you can find more lawyers in your Texas area or anywhere in the U.S. by clicking here. “We believe the best lawyers know who the best lawyers are. It’s our founding principle and remains unchanged, for more than four decades.”