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GALVESTON, Texas — Have you heard what’s happening in Galveston again? That gorgeous blue water is back in the bay, again!

That same weather phenomenon that drove the normally muddy, murkish water away earlier this summer has struck once again.

“If you don’t know any better, you might think you’re in California or something,” Corey Mcauley of Waco said.

Yeah, the water’s so blue, some spots like the 61st Street Fishing Pier could easily be mistaken for an Orange County beach in So Cal.

Naturally, Galveston beach goers are thrilled with the extra tint of blue they see!

“This is the most beautiful I’ve ever seen it,” Jackson Lightfoot of Spring said.

“With the way the water conditions are now, they’re super nice to be around,” Mcauley added.

“It’s definitely one of a kind, but it’s very beautiful today,” Jamison Crafts, also from Spring, insisted.

“Nobody likes brown water,” Kennedy Lightfoot said laughing.

“Today, it’s really clear,” Emilee Mcauley, who was vacationing with her husband from Waco, said. “We just got here and set up, so we’re excited to enjoy the day at the beach.”

“The water definitely looks like some of the beaches we go to in Destin, Florida,” Jackson suggested.

“Which is surprising because I’ve never seen that in Galveston,” his sister Kennedy said giggling.