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HOUSTON — Question: how big of a Texans fan are you? A true fan would give an arm and a leg to root for their favorite team at every regular season game— whether home or away, right?

How much would you give to parade the country with the Bulls for all 16 games.

A study calculates it more than $7,600 to catch every Texans game this season. It’s the second highest team in the NFL to root for, just below Buffalo at $7,900.

Let’s break it down:

  • $3,369 for tickets.
  • $97.75 for beer for the season.
  • $87 for hotdogs
  • $3,27 in transportation to away games
  • $1040.09 for accommodation.
  • It all adds up for a grand total of $7,620.84.

Sounds like a small price to pay don’t you think?