ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – The end is in sight for the saga of a condemned million-dollar home in Abilene. A new owner has purchased the property and is already filing permits to finish the project, which began more than 3 years ago.

Tom Choate, Neighborhood Association Attorney for the La Hacienda neighborhood in southeast Abilene, told KTAB and KRBC the deal is set to officially close in December, but the new owners are already filing general construction permits to get work underway soon.

Originally, the site began as a new construction home in May 2020. Midway through, progress stopped. A half-finished home wrapped in green has been taunting the neighborhood ever since it was officially condemned in September 2020.

Abilene’s Board of Building Standards began hearing motions to demolish the condemned home in June of 2023 but kept tabling the motion until the sale finally went through this Fall.

Choate says the home owner’s association is just pleased someone is making positive steps to take care of the home after all of this time.