Bruceville-Eddy, TX (FOX 44) — The C&C Drive-In Movie Theater had its grand-opening Friday in Bruceville-Eddy.

Co-owners Pamela Cervantes and her husband Julian moved to Bruceville-Eddy in 2019.

They raised their three grandkids at home but found limited options to have fun.

“Everytime that we decided to take the grandkids somewhere, we would have to go to the San Antonio Riverwalk. We would have to go to Fort Worth Stockyards. There was nothing to do in Bruceville-Eddy,” said Pamela.

Pamela asked the community what they wanted to have in the area and shared her idea for a drive in movie theater.

“I asked how would Bruceville-Eddy like to have a drive in movie theater? It just kind of went wild and it just spread. It went all over social media. And I told my husband, there’s our answer right there. The people in the Bruceville-Eddy community, they want drive in movie theaters, so let’s give them what they want,” said Pamela.

In three weeks the Cervantes’ transformed their land into a drive-in.

Hallmark movies are going to be played this month and Christmas movies in December.

If the drive in theater runs well, Cervantes has goals to improve it.

“We plan to do it the first day of the year. We plan to put an 80 foot screen up and we plan to put digital audio equipment in so that we can have first round movies,” said Pamela.

Cars with 4 people or less can pay a $15 admission fee.

Cars with 5 or more people can pay $20.

Additional projects they’re considering is to build a skating rink in Bruceville-Eddy, and ziplining.

C&C drive in movie theater will be open on weekends with the gates opening at 6.

C&C joins Gatesville’s last drive in picture show, Waco’s Hippodrome, and Belton’s Grand Avenue and Beltonian as independent theaters.