DALLAS (KXAN) — On Wednesday, the City of Dallas confirmed in a statement that a number of its servers were compromised with ransomware.

The city’s security monitoring tools notified the agency’s Security Operations Center (SOC) that a “likely ransomware attack had been launched within our environment,” the statement said.

Furthermore, the city also confirmed “a number of servers” were compromised with ransomware, which impacted several functional areas, including the Dallas Police Department website.

The city team and its vendors were actively working to isolate the ransomware to prevent its spread, to remove the ransomware from infected servers and to restore any services that were impacted, the statement said.

The Dallas mayor and city council were notified of the incident, as per the city’s Incident Response Plan (IRP), according to the city.

The city was still working to assess the complete impact of the incident and also said the impact on the delivery of city services to its resident was limited.

If any resident experiences a problem with city services, they are urged to contact 311, as well as contact 911 for emergencies, the statement said.