Help Needed! Elderly Pearland resident and cat still living with no A/C, plumbing nearly a year after Hurricane Harvey 

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PEARLAND, Texas — Rosalea Nall has lived in Pearland for more than 50 years, but within a blink of Hurricane Harvey's eye, the home she loved and cherished "washed away" during the storm.

Nall, 83, and her companion cat, Ms. Lady, have been living in a gutted house without an air conditioner, without working plumbing and hazardous electrical outlets for the past 10 months.

"I'm in a situation where I can't help myself. I just can't take over and restore my house myself and just go out and buy what I want and fix the house and get life back to the way it was," Nall said.

But her story goes deeper than the now dilapidated, storm-ravaged home she lives in. It's heartbreaking on so many levels.

She has two children, but both are in jail. And she found her daughter-in-law dead in a car still parked in front of her home.

Nall told NewsFix she's reached out for help, but was turned down for assistance from both FEMA and the Red Cross, and was told she did not qualify for a loan from the Small Business Administration, which was providing assistance for storm victims.

How did she slip through all these cracks?

When it comes to a hot meal and a shower, Nall has to travel about 40 minutes to Angleton for temporary relief, but the car she is currently driving has expired tags on it.

To make matters worse, she broke her nose trying to repair a handle on one of her sinks. Despite it all, she still smiles, saying she is just thankful to be alive.

She is also thankful for Jon Riveira.

Riveira was repairing homes in the area when he met Nall and saw first-hand the condition in which she was living.

"She was really sweating and seemed to be laboring and it was probably 100 degrees outside," Riveira said.

Riveira took it upon himself to go to the nearest Home Depot, purchase an A/C floor unit and install it at the house, along with a tarp for Nall's bedroom.

Riveira hopes others will join in to extend a helping hand for a neighbor in need.

"If people tell me 'no' then I just believe in my heart that God has got something better down the road," Nall said.

Hang in there Ms. Nall, we are sure NOW help is on the way!

A gofundme account has been set up on her behalf. CLICK HERE TO DONATE.

In addition, if you would like to help Nall with other resources, send an email to and we will forward it to the right people.

[Video: Good Samaritan who stepped in to help elderly Hurricane Harvey victim talks to NewsFix]

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