Young environmentalists speak out after Texas Supreme Court rules against city-level bans on plastic bags 

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HOUSTON — Local environmental advocates are voicing their concerns Friday after a Texas Supreme Court ruling deemed city ordinances banning single-use bags were against state law. The decision was in response to a policy being enforced by the city of Laredo but extends to all local governments in Texas.

The Texas Campaign for the Environment and other organizations claim ordinances banning single-bag use have the potential to significantly reduce bag pollution and save retailers tens of thousands of dollars.

“We are very disappointed by the Supreme Court for this decision, which fails to support local communities’ ability to ban the use of unnecessary, polluting plastic bags,” Houston Program Director Rosanne Barone of the Texas Campaign for the Environment said. “We are facing a global plastic pollution crisis, and the first step towards a solution is to stop using single-use plastic that harms our environment and public health, from its production to its disposal.”


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