HONOULU, Hawaii (KETK) – Two former Nacogdoches residents are accused of actually being Russian spies by the State Department Bureau of Diplomatic Security Service and have been charged with identity theft and conspiracy.

Gwynn Darle Morrison and Walter Glenn Primrose are accused by federal prosecutors of stealing the identities of two dead infants and were able to use the fake identities for decades.

Primrose even served in the U.S. Coast Guard from 1994 to 2016 using the assumed identity of Bobby Edward Fort. He retired from the Coast Guard in 2016, and began working for the Department of Defense as a contractor that same year, “where he continues to work currently,” according to court documents.

He was issued “secret clearance” by the DOD, and had been issued a total of five passports by the U.S. government with the Fort identity, according to our sister station KHON.

In a motion to hold them without bail, prosecutors said “Federal agents have also seized photographs from the defendants’ residence that depict the defendants apparently some years ago wearing what have been identified as KGB uniforms.”

School records obtained by the government show Primrose and Morrison attended Stephen F. Austin University from 1976 to 1979, and were married August 1980. The two lived in Nacogdoches during that time before assuming their Bobby Edward Fort and Julie Lyn Montague identities in 1987, documents state.

The two obtained a birth certificate record for their new identities, according to court documents. Records the government obtained from the Texas Bureau of Vital Statistics show the two had died as infants, and were buried at cemeteries 14 miles away from each other.

They applied for and were issued social security cards and Texas IDs for their new identities in 1987, according to the complaint, and the couple renewed their licenses in Hawaii in 2014.

“It was a part of a conspiracy that Primrose and Morrison engaged in a scheme,” court documents said. “They both unlawfully assumed the identities of deceased United States citizens and obtained means of identification of another person.”

Records obtained for Primrose show he was born in Shelby County in 1955, and records for Morrison show she was born the same year in Fort Belvoir, Virginia. The two were also shown to have attended Calhoun High School in Port Lavaca together in 1970.

They have each been charged with conspiracy to commit offense against the U.S. and aggravated identity theft, and were arrested last week.