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HOUSTON — Former Houston Texans running back Arian Foster retired from playing football professionally in 2016, but has taken on a new career.


“I’ve been making music since I was 12 years old, kind of religiously,” he said. “It was my first love, honestly. I loved it more than I ever loved ball.”

On Thursday, Foster independently released an album titled “Flamingo and Koval,” named after the infamous intersection in Las Vegas where Tupac Shakur was gunned down in 1996. It’s the hip-hop legend that Foster says inspired his album, which he released under his new stage name Bobby Feeno.

In the days since it’s release, “Flamingo and Koval” now sits comfortably on iTunes’ Top 50 Hip Hop albums alongside 2Pac and Jay-Z — and even Drake’s “Take Care” album that has been listed for nearly seven years.

Foster’s new album can be reached on Tidal, Spotify and iTunes and has received praises from fans of the former athlete and newly-outed musician alike.

Foster calls his album a “passion project […] done for the sake of pure personal exploration,” but as a competitor, we’re guessing the album’s success feels like a win.