Good Samaritan helps save baby in Killeen fire


KILLEEN, Texas – A Killeen apartment caught fire Monday morning around 3:45 a.m. There were three people in the home and all are in stable condition.

A bystander helped save the baby before firefighters arrived on scene.

Fire Chief James Kubinski said the fire was in between the mother and the exit. She didn’t want to harm her baby, so she looked out the back window and found someone standing there ready to catch her baby.

“It was a controlled drop from a second floor window down to somebody with arms out stretched,” Kubinski said. “It still is the fact that they were willing to save somebody’s baby for them.”

The mother handed off her baby to the person.

“I don’t care if it was three inches or three feet,” Kubinski said. “The second you release that baby, to not know what your fate is going to be has got to be the most difficult decision you have to make in that situation.”

Because of the darkness and the stress of the situation, the resident was unable to identify this good Samaritan.

One neighbor said he was woken up by the fire, and there was so much smoke that he thought the fire was in his apartment.

“I just got up and didn’t even grab my belongings or nothing,” Andrew Mack said. “I was just like, ‘I have to get out of here.'”

The apartment building consists of five units, and the flames were contained to a single unit. Firefighters got to the scene in only four minutes of the initial dispatch, and had the fire under control in 15 minutes.

Two of the units are uninhabitable after the fire, but the chief said that for those who lose their homes to fire have help.

“We don’t leave anybody stranded, regardless, if it’s uninhabitable, we will connect them with the resources,” Kubinski said.

Chief Kubinkski said they want to know who this person is so he or she can be recognized.

“That is something that’s well worth recognition, and we want to recognize that person,” Kubinski said.

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