GRAPHIC VIDEO: 40 Austin protesters arrested; Garrett Foster’s alleged shooter’s attorney issues statement


Garrett Foster and Daniel Perry

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AUSTIN, Texas – Police say 40 people were arrested over two nights of weekend demonstrations in Austin.

At one point, shots were fired…

Most of the arrests were made near a makeshift memorial for Garrett Foster who was fatally shot during a Black Lives Matter protest July 25.

Here is video of Foster explaining why he was carrying an AK47:

Foster’s wife is a quadriplegic and he was her caregiver. He was pushing his wife in a wheelchair at the time of the shooting.

The video below captures gunshots and a woman, hysterically describing the what happened.

A Dallas law firm identified the shooter as Sgt. Daniel Perry, a soldier at Fort Hood. Clint Broden is representing Perry and says Perry shot Foster from inside of his car in self defense.

Attorney’s statement on behalf of Sgt. Daniel Perry

He says his client’s earlier social media posts denouncing the protests are being taken out of context. Perry has not been charged, and Austin police have not named him as a suspect in their investigation.

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