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HOUSTON — A local Hurricane Harvey victim is giving a huge thank you to the Houston firefighter paramedics who saved her life during the storm.

Sharon Kuhn-Young was holed up at a friends house during Harvey when she started having pain in her chest. She couldn’t get to the hospital because the roads were flooded, so her friends took her Fire Station No. 2.

An EKG determined that she wasn’t having a heart attack, but her blood pressure was still sky high. Paramedics had to convince her to go the hospital, but the roads were still blocked by water. After an hour-long ride on back roads and driving counter flow on the freeway, the team arrived at Memorial City Hospital. Doctors used a CT scan to determine that Kuhn-Young had an aneurysm in her heart, otherwise known as an aortic dissection.

Kuhn-Young said she wanted to tell the first-responders how grateful she is for saving her life and thousands of others. The paramedics were happy to find out what happened to one of their patients and see a positive outcome.