HCSO: Man steals ambulance from hospital, goes to buy KFC chicken and cigarettes

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A man is in jail Thursday morning after he reportedly stole an ambulance from Cypress Creek Hospital, a psychiatric medical facility, overnight in north Harris County.

The incident happened around midnight.

We’re told the suspect took the ambulance from the hospital and made a few stops before the Harris County Sheriff’s Office tracked the emergency vehicle down at a gas station near W. Richey Road and Ella Boulevard, about seven minutes from the facility.

Officer places suspect, deputy says went into custody willingly, into HCSO vehicle.

The man reportedly told investigators he stole the vehicle because he needed a ride. He stopped at a  KFC restaurant to get fried chicken and drove to the gas station for cigarettes and something to drink, the sheriff’s office said.

We are told the man is 60-something years old and a former patient of the hospital where he stole the ambulance.

“I rolled up on him, opened the door, asked him why he had the ambulance,” HCSO Lt. Lynwood Moreau said. “He said he needed a ride. He backed out, put his hands behind him and I handcuffed him.”

Remnants of suspect’s midnight meal run, according to HCSO.

Moreau added the suspect told another deputy that he took the ambulance because he needed some cigarettes.

The Harris County District Attorney’s Office accepted the charge of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and the suspect was taken to jail.

No injuries were reported in relation to the incident.


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