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HOUSTON — Holy macaroni! Warehouse 72 is whipping up a new recipe out of some of your favorite Italian dishes.

The new restaurant recently hosted a Pasta Pop Up event at Evelyn’s Park in southwest Houston, breathing life back into the historic Spaghetti Warehouse that was destroyed during Hurricane Harvey.

Since closing the doors to the old restaurant in downtown Houston, Spaghetti Warehouse wanted to keep their promise to the community by reopening their kitchen and adding a modern twist.

“It’s the old Spaghetti that you know and love and we’re bringing it into 2018,” President Michael Kim of Spaghetti Warehouse restaurants said.

“We’re also going to be introducing a new service model as well, so it’s not so much that we push you or have one waiter assigned to you, but a team of individuals that’ll focus on you having a great dining experience. We’re going to be bringing in some Italian briskets, we’ll have a new kind of rib and other famous Italian dishes.”

Warehouse 72 comes from the merger of the Spaghetti Warehouse name and the year the restaurant was founded in 1972.

On the menu, Warehouse 72 will pay tribute to the spaghetti classics we all know and love— along with a few new flavors to spice things up!

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