KYLE, Texas (KXAN) — A Houston man was arrested in Kyle last week after an attempted kidnapping, according to a press release from the Kyle Police Department.

Police said they received a call about a suspicious person on Waterloo Drive around 10:24 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 11 and were informed that a man was trying to get a 15-year-old girl into his vehicle.

“Asked her to get in several times. She told him she was only 15-years-old in an attempt to get him to leave her alone,” said Kyle Police Chief Jeff Barnett. “He basically said, ‘No, that’s okay.’ He understood and he said, ‘That’s fine. Get on in my car.’ “

A helpful neighbor

The girl ran to a nearby house where the homeowner was able to get her safely inside, lock the house and call 911, Barnett said.

“The adult male had actually attempted to follow the young lady into the home and tried to get into the locked and secured home unsuccessfully,” he said.

When police arrived, the homeowner and victim gave them a description of the suspect and his vehicle. The homeowner also had Ring doorbell footage of the incident.

KPD officers used that information to locate the vehicle and suspect in the area.

“A vehicle matching that description was found in the immediate area,” Barnett said. “The officers were able to determine that he was in fact the same adult male that had tried to lure this young girl into his car.”

According to the release, the suspect was driving a car reported to be stolen out of Houston.

“We believe that he was new to the area, but we think he was at least temporarily homeless and living in that car that he had stolen,” Barnett said.

Jerome Ivery, 38, of Houston, was arrested and charged with attempted kidnapping, attempted burglary, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and resisting arrest. 

Barnett said this could’ve gone several different ways. He’s grateful the teen, neighbor and officers acted fast.

“We credit this young girl for her bravery and her quick thinking,” he said. “Also the quick action of the homeowner.”

Barnett said the young girl was shaken up by the experience but that thankfully, she was physically unharmed and returned home safely.

Ivery didn’t have an attorney listed to represent him, according to court records.

‘Are we safe?’

Questions still remain on the minds of many in the neighborhood.

One woman, who wished to remain anonymous, lived near where the attempted kidnapping happened.

“Are we safe? Are the kids safe? Should we be looking out?” she asked.

She said from their home, her children could see the suspect arrested by police near the neighborhood park.

“It was a little traumatic for my boys to see that in their backyard,” she said. “After that, we’re kind of on alert.”

She said this is a reminder to stay vigilant and help each other out when you can.

“While driving through the neighborhood, be more aware of you know what’s happening,” she said. “So then I can report it if need be.”