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HOUSTON— Following an ongoing investigation, a man accused of trafficking multiple women across the U.S. has been arrested.

Marquis Dominick Holmes, 27, was arrested Friday. The suspect is charged with two counts of trafficking of a person, two counts of compelling prostitution by force and one count of aggravated promotion of prostitution.

According to the Houston Police Department Vice Division Human Trafficking Unit, Holmes forced and coerced at least 10 female victims to participate in sex work for him in hotels and on the streets. The victims claim they were forced to perform sexual acts and if a certain amount of money was not made, Holmes would allegedly assault them and threaten their children.

Police said the women also accused Holmes of hitting them with a car when they refused to work.

“This arrest should serve as a warning to those who exploit and victimize others. We may not get you today, and we may not get you tomorrow, but we are coming for you,” Lt. Jessica Anderson of the HPD Human Trafficking Unit said. “HPD is committed to investigating and arresting those like Marquis Holmes and to providing justice for the victims. We do not tolerate human trafficking in Houston.”