HOUSTON (KIAH) — If you’ve been waiting for an approval notice for unemployment benefits, Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) has things laid out for you on how your benefits are calculated, how long it could take to get an answer on approval and more.

One of the first ways that TWC determines your unemployment benefits is the type of job separation. In order to be eligible, you must be unemployed or working reduced hours at no fault of your own. Examples are being laid off, reduced hours or pay unrelated to misconduct and being fired for reasons other than misconduct or quitting with good cause.

The types of job separation include:

  • Laid Off- the employer has no more work available, has eliminated your position or closed its business. You may be eligible for benefits.
  • Working reduced hours-this means you’re still working but the employer has reduced your hours. You may be eligible for benefits.
  • Fired-if the employer ended your employment, but you were not laid off
  • Quitting-If you end your employment, then you will likely not receive unemployment benefits. TWC cannot pay you benefits if you quit for personal reasons such as lack of transportation or not having a babysitter for your children. However, there are exceptions to getting benefits after quitting. See list of reasons here.
  • Labor dispute- If you’re involved in a labor dispute or see information here.

Potential unemployment benefit amounts will be mailed to you after you file a claim. The TWC Benefits Estimator can help calculate potential benefit amounts.

According to TWC, it will take up to four weeks from the date you apply for benefits to know if you’re eligible. That time is used to get information on your past wages, job separation and eligibility.

To learn more about your benefits or to check your claim status, visit the Unemployment Benefits Services or call 800-558-8321.