HOUSTON (KIAH) — Here are some overnight headlines you might have missed in our news at 9 p.m..

A shackled suspect who escaped the Harris County Courthouse  is back in custody. Michael Combs was arrested at a hotel Thursday morning. He escaped Tuesday, while deputies were dealing with a brawl happening in a neighboring courtroom.

In other news, Harris County deputies are investigating after a man said he shot someone for breaking into his car off Woodforest Boulevard Wednesday night. The man who was shot then ran to a gas station for help. That’s where surveillance video shows him fall to the ground. Investigators are calling him a suspect. However, he has not been charged.

Around the state, feral hogs cause more than 500 million dollars in damage throughout Texas each year. Now, a new Texas A&M study shows adding doses of blood thinner to bait food significantly reduced a herd’s population. Experts say it’s important to thin the herd of hogs in Texas because they don’t have any natural predators, so their numbers can balloon and they cause more costly damage.