Little boys give cute apology letters to Fulshear police after prank calling station 25 times


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This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

FULSHEAR, Texas — School is out for the summer, but that didn’t stop two young siblings from learning a valuable lesson about combating boredom.

The boys, who are elementary school age, were escorted to the Fulshear Police Department by their mother after prank calling the station 25 times! The officers were charmed by the little culprits, who entered the station with sorry faces and adorably apologetic letters.

The department shared the boys’ heartfelt apology letters in a Facebook post on Saturday.

The first letter read:

“To the Police Department, the reasons why I called you 25 times are, because I thought that it was funny, to call you and try to send you to the wrong house, to make you think that the people in that house did it, and because I did not want to go to bed. I am very sorry for call you all those times. Could you forgive me, and allow me to stay in this house without sending me to jail. I promise that is never going to happen again in my whole life.”

The adorableness of even the first letter is overwhelming. Judging by the tone of the letter, mom may have suggested their could be some jail time for their actions. Way to get’em, mom!

The second letter read:

To the police department,

I am very sorry that I called you when there wasn’t any emergency. We kept saying the wrong adress [sic] to trick you. We did it because we thought it was funny. Please forgive me. I will do anything to get out of jail if you send me there. I promise not to do it again. I want to stay home. I would never do that again.”

Of course, the officers were more than understanding — and even got a kick out of it! In the Facebook post, the department admitted while it wasn’t the most appropriate way to relieve boredom, it certainly did the trick.

“We all make mistakes, it’s how we own those mistakes that makes us whole again. We commended their mom and immediately accepted their apologies. Their sad faces turned into smiling faces, as they exited the station,” the post read. “We have to admit we we’re smiling as well.”


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