Belton, TX (FOX 44) — There was a lot of back and forth Thursday morning between the prosecution and defense in day four of Marvin Guy’s capital murder trial.

It’s in connection to a no-knock warrant served back in May 2014 that ended in the death of Killeen Detective Charles Dinwiddie. 

The prosecution and defense were emphasizing what Marvin Guy’s neighbors heard and didn’t hear from law enforcement during the no knock warrant.

Jo Anna Humfleet lived right next door to Marvin Guy with her two daughters.

Humfleet testified waking up at 5:30 that morning because of her alarm but she hit snooze.

When her alarm went off again 10 minutes later, Humfleet said she heard muffled shouting.

Gunfire immediately rang out and Humfleet fell to the ground to call 911.

Humfleet explained to the defense she didn’t know who was outside when the bullets began to fly.

Humfleet also says she didn’t hear the words “police” or “search warrant” in that sequence of events even though she slept in the front bedroom beside the window.

Once 911 was on the phone, Humfleet looked out her living room to see an ambulance driving away and cop cars facing her unit.

Humfleet then went to calm down her daughters in the back bedroom and made tea to calm down.

The second time Humfleet looked outside her window was when a woman was walking outside toward the officers with her hands up.

Officers eventually entered Humfleet’s apartment to get a lay of her unit for their investigation.

Humfleet and her two daughters, Morgan and Madalyn Mixon, then went to the police station at seven the same evening to give their first written statement.

They were asked to come back the day after to provide another statement.

With the prosecution, the Humfleet did say the floodlight on their apartment complex kept the area well lit.

The light on the second story was so bright Humfleet said it sometimes made it hard to sleep.

When asked about Guy’s car, Humfleet told the prosecution he sometimes parked it at odd places like the back or side of his apartment.

Humfleet asked Guy why he did this and was told it was to keep his car safe.

Humfleet and Guy were neighbors for nearly 2 years.

In that time, Humfleet knew the area well and said sounds of gunfire and the occasional smell of weed were common.

Humfleet’s daughter, Morgan Mixon, testified right after.

Mixon was a senior at Ellison High School back in 2014 and says she normally got up at 7 A.M. to be at school at 8 A.M. However on May 9, 2014, Mixon woke up to arguing then gunfire.

Mixon estimates she woke up around 5:30 in the morning to arguing near her back apartment bedroom

In the arguing, Mixon says she remembered hearing the word “warrant” among the voices.

After the arguing, Mixon heard five to seven shots fired from Marvin Guy’s side of the apartment complex. 

The word “warrant” was really focused on by the prosecution and defense.

In Mixon’s first statement done the night of the no knock warrant, the defense noted she never stated the word “warrant” in her first interview.

Mixon couldn’t make anything of what she was hearing.

After being called back by police for the second interview, Mixon added the word “warrant” to her statement and remembers hearing it.

Mixon told the prosecution no one asked her to add any details she doesn’t remember in her statement and was certain to say she heard that word.

Witnesses spoke at the beginning of trial on collecting bullet fragments from SWAT team member Otis Denton’s leg.

Court will be in recess until Monday due to court matters and Veterans Day.

FOX44’s Earl Stoudemire will be back in court next week with more updates on the trial.