HOUSTON (KIAH) — She is a woman on a mission. A mission of hope, to save people’s lives. And she’s using her title as Miss World America Texas 2023 as a platform to change people’s lives.

CW39 Miss World America Texas 2023 Sophia Ortiz
Miss World America Texas 2023 Sophia Ortiz

Sophia Ortiz is now representing Texas as the new 2023 Miss World America Texas 2023! She’s no stranger to pageants. She has won pageants in other systems in the past. She’s also no stranger to hard work and struggle.

She started a non-profit organization called “Life is Precious” to help others with physical and mental health disorders. She started the organization because she knows what it’s like to struggle with a health issue, one she wasn’t sure she’d be able to survive.

CW39 anchor Sharron Melton talks with Sophia about her mission with her foundation, her goals in life, her preparations as she gets ready to participate in the Miss World America pageant 2023 in October, and what it means to be a title holder, and soon celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month.

We get to know Ortiz in a fun “This or That” Q&A too. Here’s a look: