HOUSTON (KIAH)— The Veterans Commission has great news for veterans across the state. $36.3 million will now be awarded to135 veteran support organizations across the Lonestar state. This grant will serve over 81,770 veterans

This funding means that veterans and their families will have more access to support such as:

  • clinical counseling
  • employment support
  • financial assistance
  • home modification
  • homeless veteran support
  • peer support services
  • pro bono legal services
  • referral services
  • supportive services
  • transportation programs and services
  • Veteran treatment courts

TVC awards grants in five ways:

  • General Assistance
  • Housing for Texas Heroes
  • Veterans Mental Health Grants
  • Veterans treatment courts
  • Veteran County Service Officers

Veterans, their dependents and their spouses can find available resources here.

Over $234 million in grants has been awarded through 1,100 FVA grants since 2009. That served an estimate of 400,000 Texas veterans and their family. serve over 81,770 veterans

Program Director for the Veterans Commission Fund, Craig Towlson served in the U.S Air Force for 29 years. He says that this support will go a long way for veterans. Funding for these grants primarily come from the Texas Lottery Commission’s games for veteran support. Other funding for the grants comes from donations from drivers’ licenses, licenses to carry a handgun, outdoor recreation licenses for hunting and fishing, and vehicle registrations.

Towlson said, “we have a donation form on our website where folks can go in and fill out a form and input their credit card information and that money will go directly to the fund for Veteran Assistance.”

You can learn more about available assistance for veterans and to donate here.