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HOUSTON — Palais Royal has teamed up with the Santa Maria hostel to unveil a new, non-transactional store.

Santa Maria offers a pathway to success through recovery, and they say part of that pathway is looking and feeling your best.

“They really wanted to give these ladies an opportunity to get some of their dignity back, and to get started off on the right foot, and we know that clothing is a small piece of the recovery issue, but we just feel like man this is a great way to make these ladies feel great about themselves,” Chief Marketing Officer for Stage Stores Bill Gentner said.

Santa Maria is one of Texas’s largest multi-site residential and outpatient addiction treatment centers for women, and one of the only programs where a mother can bring her children while she receives treatment.

“We serve woman and families who are coming from various crisis situations, backgrounds of homelessness, incarceration, domestic violence addiction. They may be concerned with getting jackets for their children or school clothes for their children and this really developed as a way to allow them to have a safe beautiful opportunity to start that recovery process,” Santa Maria Hostel CEO Nadine Scamp said.

The store looks just like any other store with various options, but it’s only open to women receiving support from the Santa Maria Hostel.

“These clothes are free. The way that it will be designed is that when somebody first comes into our facilities or our programs they will have the opportunity to shop, and then throughout their stay their counselor or their coach will be able to work with them during those life transitions and then they can come back,” Scamp said.

Santa Maria’s goal is to empower women and their families to lead healthy, successful, productive and self-fulfilling lives, and with the help of Palais Royal they’re on the right track.

“Giving back to the community is something that everyone should be doing. We believe it makes Houston a stronger community and supporting woman and their families on their journey is the least we can do,” Gentner said.