Pct. 5: Elderly man beaten with walking stick, pistol whipped by grade school kids in southwest Houston

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HOUSTON — The Harris County Pct. 5 Constable’s Office released disturbing details Tuesday after an elderly man was brutally beaten and robbed by a group of young boys in southwest Houston.

Constable deputies responded to a Westbury neighborhood Sept. 9 after reports of an aggravated robbery.

The victim— identified as a 76-year-old man— was out for his regular evening walk when he was approached by at least four boys of 11 and 12 years old. Investigators said the children beat the victim with his own walking stick and pistol whipped him as they demanded money.

Later on, the same group was seen stealing the gas tank of a maintenance truck. At that time, two of the suspects were apprehended as the remaining two escaped.

The third suspect involved in the attack was arrested Monday, the constable’s office said. Their identities are being withheld because of their juvenile status.

“It was later determined, through their confession, that they were going to use these gas can to torch a vehicle, which they were in,” Constable Ted Heap said during a press conference Tuesday.

“The vehicle was stolen approximately four hours earlier and reported the Houston Police Department. This was also in an aggravated robbery where they assaulted an individual.”

The fourth suspect has been identified as well as two other boys believed to be involved with the group. It’s the juveniles are members of a group of six that has been involved in at least 26 local robberies since May 2017.

More arrests are expected before the end of the day, Heap said.



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