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GRAPEVINE, Texas — Amateur painters and dog lovers rolled out to Art in the Vine for a special fundraiser going towards the Love Pit, a special rescue shelter to help save pit bulls.

“Within three years, we’re now rescuing close to 250 pit bulls a year,” Love Pit founder Aften Bell told CW33 in Dallas.

“This dog was walking into oncoming traffic and all these cars were swerving and, of course, I stopped and I got out and got down on my hands and knees in the pouring rain and this dog came up to me, luckily,” Bell recounted. “She turned her face and when I saw the left side of her face it was missing.”

And it all led to the founding of the Love Pit.

“I made one post on Facebook and Instagram and we raised $5,000,” Bell said. “With that money, we ended up rescuing 13 more dogs from euthanasia from the Fort Worth Animal Shelter.”

Well, by the end of the day, everyone had a great painting of a pit to take home and all to help more pit bulls find a home, too.