Belton, TX (FOX 44) — Jury deliberations have ended for the day in Marvin Guy’s capital murder trial.

Guy is accused of murdering Killeen Police Detective Charles Dinwiddie.

Deliberations started at 3:30 pm and the judge sent the jury home at the end of the business day.

The prosecution and defense put everything on the table in closing arguments.

Outside of capital murder, the jury has a hard decision to make with the court adding lessor charges to find Marvin Guy guilty of murder, manslaughter, or not guilty claiming self defense.

The main question the jury has to consider from closing arguments is if Guy knew police were outside his home during the no-knock search warrant in May of 2014.

The prosecution explained how Guy decided to ambush police barricading his front door, sitting on his bed, waiting to aim and fire his gun.

The nine rounds Guy shot hit two officers and killed Detective Dinwiddie.

The prosecution even added how Guy’s story didn’t make sense and wasn’t telling the truth.

In police interviews, Guy mentioned how he was able to see his trash can outside his bedroom window.

The prosecution said if Guy could see the trashcan outside he could see where he was shooting to hit Dinwiddie and others.

The defense countered these statements saying one man’s ambush is another man panicked and scared his home was being broken into.

The defense mentioned the mistakes made in KPD’s operation. If the police couldn’t see in Guy’s apt, how could Guy see outside.

In the end, the defense did not deny Dinwiddie was a great man and is missed in the community but did tell the jury their verdict finding Guy guilty doesn’t bring Dinwiddie back in an operation unfolding into tragedy.

The prosecution wrapped up saying the apartment duplex light was on for Guy to clearly see what he was doing.

District Attorney Henry Garza says they’ve been waiting for 9 years with Dinwiddie’s family and swat team because today is his day for justice.

The court took a day and a half to create these charges taking up 18 pages.

FOX44’s Earl Stoudemire will be in the courtroom with updates Tuesday on when the jury makes a decision.